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Открытое письмо радиолюбителей Крыма в CQ WW комитет PDF Print E-mail
Written by Administrator   
Tuesday, 21 October 2014 11:56

We, radio amateurs of Crimea, are appealing to the “CQ Contest”
committee and to the guide of the “CQ” magazine.
Asking you for more detail and carefully consider of your decision
dated by October 17th 2014 against us, common people.
We are not civil servants and we are not engaged in politics.
We are not professional athletes, we are just HAMs united by a hobby and nothing more.
We understand that you have been misled by a small group of people that been politicized.
They are introducing themselves from the name of all Ukrainian Amateur Radio League.
They have simply deceived you. But we will not go into the political debates.
Radio must be out of politics. Radio amateurs are ordinary people who share a common passion - radio.
No more.
We are writing to you with a request.
Do not allow discrimination against radio amateurs who appeared hostage situation
which does not come into contact with our common hobby!
We hope for your understanding and look forward for your wise decision, like decisions
made by ARRL on April 10th and May 21st 2014.
We are sure that you will not allow genocide of the common people to get involved in radio!

With our respect and hope,

radio amateurs of Crimea:  RU6K  R7KW  RU7K  UA7K  UB7K  R6KR  R7KM  R7KZ  RK7K  R7KU UC7K  RC7KY  RW7K  RD7K  RG7K  R6KA  RC7K  RT6K  RA6K RY7K  and 89  ham more

HAM Radio and politics are never should be together. Never before and after!

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